Chipper Chopper Joe (January 2022)

Starting as a vocal warm up on our first day back after the holidays, we echo-sang short patterns combining DRMSLD' using our hand signs that eventually led to the contour of the melody for Chipper Chopper Joe. Adding in the words, we prepared the instrument parts we would need with body percussion. 

"Chip chop" = clap = alto and soprano xylophones

"Chipper Chopper Joe" = pat = temple blocks

"One big blow" and "Chops wood" = stamp = drums

"Ouch, my tow!" and "Just so!" = snap = cowbell

We added a crossover bass line and performed the whole song three times (sing/think/sing) with the instruments playing the whole time. 

5F Chipper Chopper Joe.m4a, 204.24 KB; (Last Modified on April 6, 2022)