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Chappelow students make a difference in Haiti

Last Spring, over one year after the devestating earthquake in Haitit, Chappelow GT students formed "HHH/Donations for Haitians." Through their efforts, and donations collected from Chappelow students and parents, we were able to collect approximately $1400. All of this money was sent directly to agencies working to improve conditions in Haiti. About half of the funds were sent to the organization Partners in Health, which works in Haiti to provide clean water and medical supplies and treatment.
 The other half of the funds went to Grain d’Espoir Haiti, Inc (Seeds of Hope for Haiti)
From their website(

Grain d’Espoir pour Haiti works in the small community of Massey, Haiti.  Massey is located near Les Cayes on the south-western coast of Haiti. This is a small, mountain community and the people there are very warm, open, and friendly.  They work hard to care for their families and their neighbors.  Massey has one school that serves many of the children of the community.  Others travel into Les Cayes to attend classes.  The Massey school is often a multiple-hour walk for many people who live in the mountains of Massey.

Massey has a population of about 6,000 and less than 1/3 of the children there attend school every year.  Of the ones who do, many must quit partway through the year due to lack of financial resources.

As you can see, Chappelow students are making a difference in the lives of the people in Haiti. Thanks so much to all who contributed their time, goods, or money. Together we have made a difference.