Worksite Wellness Committee

  • The District 6 Worksite Wellness Committee is comprised of no fewer than seven people at any given time.  The committee is full of dedicated employees and community partners who are passionate about improving the health and wellness of the district's employees.
    Interested in joining the committee?  The Worksite Wellness Committee has a set of Bylaws and Expectations as well as a Member Application Form.  Please review the two documents below.  After reviewing the materials, if you feel you would be a valuable asset to the team, please complete the Member Application Form and return it to: Wellness Specialist at Nutrition Services.
    About the Worksite Wellness Committee Members:
    Rachel Hurshman Rachel Hurshman, MPH, RDN, SNS
    Title: Wellness Coordinator
    Joined the Committee: May 2013
    Favorite way to get active: Cycling, running, and rock climbing
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Mango, Palisade peaches, snap peas
    Rachel's tips for making time for wellness: Here
    Rachel is passionate about leading the District 6 Worksite Wellness Program, because a healthy workforce is so critical to the success of our school district. Rachel has her Master's of Public Health, which she earned from the Colorado School of Public Health. Additionally, she brings a wealth of nutrition knowledge to our program, as she is a registered dietitian. Before joining District 6, Rachel gained wellness experience in a variety of settings, including Thompson School District, University of Colorado Health, and the University of Michigan.
    Kara Sample Kara Sample, RDN, SNS
    Title: Nutrition Services Assistant Director
    Joined the Committee: March 2009
    Favorite way to get active: Walking, pilates, and yoga
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Mango and asparagus
    Kara's tips for making time for wellness: Here
    Wellness is a very important aspect in Kara's life.  Not only does she have a chance to work for the Nutrition Services Department (to fuel the future of our students), but she also had the opportunity to serve on the Worksite Wellness Committee-- to impact employee health as well.  Providing staffs with the tools, resources, motivation, inspiration, and super-fun programs that they need to create healthy environments is something Kara is extremely passionate about.
    Danielle Danielle Bock, SNS
    Title: Director of Nutrition Service
    Joined the Committee: July 2015
    Favorite way to get active: Hiking in Kauai
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: I eat an apple every day
    Danielle's tips for making time for wellness: Here 
    Danielle is dedicated to the idea of people eating for a happier and healthier life. She believes that food is a right, and not a privilege, and everyone should have access to quality food and the facts about what they are putting in their body. 
    Pam Stoll Pam Stoll
    Title: Risk Management Specialist
    Joined the Committee: 2002
    Favorite way to get active: Water aerobics
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Asparagus and peaches
    Pam's tips for making time for wellness: Here 
    Pam has held several positions in the district beginning at a school, then working with the Deputy Superintendent and then in the Finance Office. Her favorites have been her current position and the Benefits Specialist position.  She enjoys several creative/crafting activities as well as being part of the wellness committee.
    Mandy Mandy Hydock
    Title: Director of Finance
    Joined the Committee: September 2010
    Favorite way to get active: Running
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Bell peppers
    Mandy's tips for making time for wellness: Here 
    Having an active role on the Worksite Wellness Committee for District 6 motivates Mandy to live a healthy lifestyle while encouraging others to do the same.  One of the reasons she joined the committee is because she wanted to show people that there is more to wellness than just exercise and dieting.  Some of the benefits offered include "Stall Talk" communication, wellness fair, Great Holiday Weigh, family-oriented 5k for all families associated with the district, health evaluations, and much more.
    A healthy lifestyle is a commitment, something that we all owe to our families and ourselves.  What a tremendous gift we have at District 6 to have the opportunity to offer a grant-funded wellness program to the employees.  It is rewarding to see the impact the programs that have been implemented have made on the lives of the employees of the district.
    Casey Casey Pearson
    Title: Communications Coordinator 
    Joined the Committee: February 2015 
    Favorite way to get active: Running and hiking 
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Gala apples, edamame and asparagus 
    Casey's tips for making time for wellness: Here 
    Casey has a commitment to a healthy lifestyle through a passion for wellness. He enjoys participating in community running races and loves the fact that he is only a few miles from a mountain climb. As a committee member, he hopes to continue supporting our schools, staff and family members in living a healthy lifestyle.  
    Johanna Johanna Bishop, MS, RDN
    Title: Wellness Specialist
    Joined the Committee: November 2019
    Favorite way to get active: Zumba, hiking, kayaking
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Palisade Peaches
    Michael Ringhand
    Title: Benefits Specialist 
    Joined the Committee: January 2014
    Favorite way to get active: Keep moving, never sit more than an hour without getting up and walking somewhere or even standing up and stretching; just get the blood flowing
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Watermelon (it curbs my sweet tooth)
    Michael's tips for making time for wellness: Here 
    Joel Joel Krzan
    Title: Weld County's Aetna Representative
    Joined the Committee: May 2017
    Favorite way to get active: Playing tennis
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Fruit: guava, mango. Veggie: handfuls of raw kale/spinach before I start breakfast- so much faster than a salad and it grows on you!
    Joel's tips for making time for wellness: Here
    Joel leads our Aetna relationship and has worked in the Colorado benefits community for over 10 years. He is committed to bringing fresh ideas and helping employees and their families make the most of the tools and resources available through Aetna in support of their health journey. Prior to a career in employee benefits, Joel worked in a corporate health environment at Bronson Athletic Club and Bronson Hospital while completing his bachelor's degree at Western Michigan University. 
    Linda Dolan
    Title: Flood and Peterson Benefits Marketing Coordinator 
    Joined the Committee: 2015
    Favorite way to get active: Do a walk-about around town and hiking in the mountains 
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: asparagus and carrots 
    Linda's tips for making time for wellness: Here 
    Lori Lori Geisick, RHU, CIC, CISR
    Title: Benefit Consultant at Flood and Peterson
    Joined the Committee: March 2013
    Favorite way to get active: Working in her yard and walking her dogs
    Favorite fruit or vegetable: Broccoli and Peaches
    Lori's tips for making time for wellness: Here 
    Lori leads the implementation of strategic employee benefit program initiatives, coordinates all marketing and carrier negotiations, and provides issue resolution support for complex situations for Flood and Peterson. She has worked there for over 31 years and has been an Employee Benefits Consultant for 16 years.